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Chemical equipment for critical components for drafting polyester FDY, polypropylene FDY, nylon FDY



Technical Parameters



The main features of the heat roller:


1A polyester, nylon filament hot roll by induction heating, the average temperature of the heat pipe or section control techniques, so that the surface temperature of the heat roller workspace uniform. To meet different industrial yarn, textile yarn FDY spinning process requirements

2 polypropylene yarn heat roller by induction heating or high frequency heating technology, the surface temperature of the heat roller workspace rapid warming. The roll is simple structure, low cost, stable and reliable operation, is a reasonable choice polypropylene FDY yarn spinning economy.

3 high-frequency thermal heating by induction heating roller through the power frequency voltage into a higher frequency heating voltage and the use of sub-control techniques, the work area surface temperature uniformity. The equipment system is perfect, simple structure, stable and reliable operation at high temperatures, to meet the different requirements of fiber FDY spinning process.


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